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Our innovators, mentors and investors are ready to expand and accelerate the growth of your community powered  by people fully equipped to take on the challenges of tomorrow.
We empower people who build assets that build a future. We offer strategies focused on achieving the greatest return on your investment. Our staff is committed to each individual and community we serve. We are dedicated to leaving every community better than we found it. We are passionate about your vision, philanthropy, as well as mentoring you personally and financially.

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Why Choose Us


We are the leaders who are the result of a well planned Legacy. Let us intentionally journey with you in developing your vision into a Legacy for generations to come.


Untapped human capital is the investors most valuable commodity. Empowering the next generation of leaders to tap into human capital is our strategy.


We empower the investor to build assets in their city and their citizens through development programs designed to strengthen their Legacy.

Track Record

Join us in our 17 years of mentoring young entrepreneurs in executing their passion for building vibrant inclusive communities.

What Our Investors Say

Our success has been driven by your passion.

The mentorship I received has not only grown me professionally but personally as well. My personal and financial future will continue to grow because of these fine men.
Los Angeles, CA
LC Legacy Investments is a company who is very organized in research and it shows in their execution. Their ability to sift through information and pull out meaningful facts and details gave me security in partnering with them.
Eugene, OR
Through working with LC Legacy Investments I was able to take advantage of the potential in my properties, create upside, cash out refinance, increase the value, sell, and reinvest. They guided me step by step in turning what I thought was a "lost cause" property into a Legacy, and that's what they do.
Cheyenne, WY

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the vision of your Legacy today. Our support team is always at your disposal.

Our address: 172 Center St, Ste 202 #2869, Jackson, WY, 83001

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